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Felix Hartantio // Founder

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Wagon Network is a blockchain platform that is revolutionizing the supply chain industry. Indonesia is the first entrance, the world's fourth-largest population spread across 17,000 islands, and the country's complex demographics and geography present unique challenges in supply chain management. Wagon Network is addressing these challenges by providing a reliable and accurate information system using blockchain technology.

Wagon Network is a game-changer in the supply chain industry, providing a reliable and efficient system for transmitting information using blockchain technology. The platform is helping to improve the efficiency of logistics operations, reduce costs and risks, and offer better services to customers. With Wagon Network, logistics providers, big or small, can get the benefits of blockchain and improve their operations.


Felix Hartantio

Founder / CEO

Over 8+ years of industry experience, Software Engineer, Founder and CEO of Fourcons (Construction Supply Chain startup), Ex-Appworks


Rendy Hartono

Co-Founder / CMO

10+ years of experience in creative industry and marketing, 8+ years co-founder of digital marketing agency, Ex-Indigo Telkom Startup Acceleration Program

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Wagon Network is a decentralized network that aims to address the issues of the broken supply chain network, which is outdated, lacking in transparency (opaque), and very fragmented.

Wagon Network is the first decentralized supply chain financing. It's backed by Real World Asset and Businesses. Wagon Network has partnered up with supply chain companies operating in Indonesia, the largest and the fastest-growing markets in Southeast Asia.

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