Connecting Supply Chain through DeFi and Big Data

*Wagon financing is on BSC Network. BNB, WAG and IDRT will be needed to lend.

Supply Chain DeFi & Data Network

Bridging Supply Chain to Decentralization

The supply chain is still facing numerous challenges, while the adoption of technologies is having a hard time penetrating the supply chain ecosystem. Wagon Network has been created to bridge the gap between the world of supply chain and technology. We believe that data can solve all of these problems, and a decentralized supply chain is our answer. It will become the new backbone of how the supply chain ecosystem works.

dApps wagon
dApps wagon

Supply Chains Meet DeFi

To onboard the supply chain players to blockchain, Wagon introduced Decentralized Supply Chain Financing, a platform that turns real world assets and business in the supply chain industry into asset-backed, yield bearing and full tradable Asset Tokens. Each supply chain industries will have it's own pools that Wagon investors can stake into.



Diversify crypto assets with yield correlated to real-world assets, stabilizing long-term value and portofolio health.


Global Participation

Fostering global collaboration to reshape supply chains into inclusive, efficient networks beyond traditional boundaries.


By Us & For Ourself

WAG stakers can govern the protocol, approve borrowers, and nurturing sustainable ecosystem of trust.

Wagon Supply Chain Big Data Network

Wagon Data networks are designed to be the hub of supply chain data while preserving the data privacy, anonymity and controllability. Data owners retain full control over their data accessibility. A dApps is created to access the Wagon data network, connected to a smart contract that manages each data ownership and accessibility.

dApps wagon
dApps wagon

Data Analytics and Services

Exploring vast raw data on the Wagon data network is a hassle. Our data team and AI can find hidden patterns, unseen trends, discover correlations and derive valuable insights to make predictions, optimizations and more. A dashboard, newsletters and reports will be provided on the Wagon dApps. Improving the speed and efficiency of the business with ease through the analytics results.


Huge Dataset

Having more data elevated optimization, enhanced performance, refined strategies, and possibilities.



Empowering users to wield control over their own data, choices and shapes their own digital identity.


Privacy Preserving

Supply chain information is fortified, trust is nurtured, and innovation thrives under the protective shield of confidentiality.

The Wagon Token: WAG

The WAG token launched on the ETH Network using the ERC-20 standard. ETH network is chosen for its scalability, programmability, security.

The WAG token serves three purposes:

Governance over the project. Wagon token holders have control over the protocol.

Staking, incentivizes token holders to behave in honest ways and review pools correctly.

Transaction on dApps: DeFi interactions, Data Network subscription, Data analytics and services subscriptions.



Phase 1

  • Launch website and social communities
  • Create token smart contract
  • Initiate smart contract audit
  • Launch Wagon ICO

Phase 2

  • Launch on Uniswap
  • Launch DeFi: Staking profit share
  • CoinMarketcap listing

Phase 3

  • Launch DeFi: Financing supply chain
  • Expand influencer outreach
  • Strategic partnership
  • Global marketing push

Phase 4

  • Development of decentralized data network
  • Launch governance protocol
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